The City Project is an attempt to compose a visual and poetic inventory of the city of the 21st century.

It is a current record of Cities and Megalopolis across the world.

Our approach is neither analytical nor journalistic, but rather sensorial and experiential based on the collective members’ different feelings, perceptions, cultures and backgrounds.

The City Project is an ABC book. It is exploring 26 themes, in an attempt to apprehend the complexity and the many facets of city life in a playful way.

Its ambition is to portrait the big city with curious eyes, sometimes amazed, sometimes worried by what they see. Each topic works as a dialogue between the 643 Collective members, wandering in their respective cities, and other megacities they go to, collecting their urban experiences and then intersecting their perceptions of the world.

I am heading out.
You mean in?
You are never going out. There is no such place.
C / Controlled Nature

The velvet curtains open up suddenly,
Exhausted bodies & fireflies slowly surround me,
I could totally fall asleep despite the flashing lights,
If I really wanted to.
N / Nightlife