In numerology, 2017 equals to 1; a symbol of a new beginning. The number has become a pretext to inquire about our future.
This left us with the question “What can we expect ? From now and beyond.”

We don’t know. We are looking for answers, for clues in our social landscapes, in the cities and places we live and breathe in.

This is a capture of the feeling of our time, the zeitgeist; our emotional take on the world, like a constantly evolving encyclopedia of impressions, feelings and snapshots.

  Universal Year One
Edition of 50
86 pages

Peggy Anderson
Karine Baptiste
Dan de Carvalho
Jan Cieslikiewicz
Marjolaine Gallet
Sofia Garfias
Corinna Groeben
Kasia Gumpert
Jhe Ming Hsu
Dasom Im
Alexandre Morvan
Pablo Moura Letts
Marie Louise Omme
Veronica Puche
Lara Tabet
Roberto Vietri
Anna White

Curated by 643 Collective