The City Project is an attempt to compose a visual and poetic inventory of the city of the 21st century.

It is a current record of Cities and Megalopolis across the world.

Our approach is neither analytical nor journalistic, but rather sensorial and experiential based on the collective members’ different feelings, perceptions, cultures and backgrounds.

The City Project is an ABC book. It is exploring 26 themes, in an attempt to apprehend the complexity and the many facets of city life in a playful way.

Its ambition is to portrait the big city with curious eyes, sometimes amazed, sometimes worried by what they see. Each topic works as a dialogue between the 643 Collective members, wandering in their respective cities, and other megacities they go to, collecting their urban experiences and then intersecting their perceptions of the world.

I am heading out.
You mean in?
You are never going out. There is no such place.
C / Controlled Nature

The velvet curtains open up suddenly,
Exhausted bodies & fireflies slowly surround me,
I could totally fall asleep despite the flashing lights,
If I really wanted to.
N / Nightlife


In numerology, 2017 equals to 1; a symbol of a new beginning. The number has become a pretext to inquire about our future.
This left us with the question “What can we expect ? From now and beyond.”

We don’t know. We are looking for answers, for clues in our social landscapes, in the cities and places we live and breathe in.

This is a capture of the feeling of our time, the zeitgeist; our emotional take on the world, like a constantly evolving encyclopedia of impressions, feelings and snapshots.

  Universal Year One
Edition of 50
86 pages

Peggy Anderson
Karine Baptiste
Dan de Carvalho
Jan Cieslikiewicz
Marjolaine Gallet
Sofia Garfias
Corinna Groeben
Kasia Gumpert
Jhe Ming Hsu
Dasom Im
Alexandre Morvan
Pablo Moura Letts
Marie Louise Omme
Veronica Puche
Lara Tabet
Roberto Vietri
Anna White

Curated by 643 Collective


Before the sanitary crisis hit the world, 643 Collective planned to work on a new project exploring the idea of insularity. Initially our goal was to explore the concept physically by travelling to different islands. But 2020 had other plans and soon, insularity imposed itself to the whole world and to everyone.

So each of us stayed where we were. And we went on developing our own interpretation of what insularity means to us in this specific moment in history, either geographically, physically, emotionally or spiritually, that can bear many expressions.

Our project is the combination of 6 arbitrary experiences:

- The feeling of being isolated in one’s own city,
- The dynamics of domestic space in a secluded time and space,
- The experience of the transient & fragile nature of life in Japan,
- The will to escape the oppressive enclave that the city has become,
- Or the need to build a bubble within the city to protect oneself from the outside world,
- And finally, the exploration of insularity from home through different individual stories with an historical and political perspective.